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FPID: 410981-2-22-02
Gulf and Bay Counties

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is announcing the publication of a Notice of Availability of the Gulf Coast Parkway Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) in the Federal Register. The FEIS will be available for review and comment for 30 calendar days. Additional locations at which the FEIS is available for review include the Bay County Public Library, 898 W. 11th Street, Panama City, FL, 32401; the Gulf County Public Library, 110 Library Drive, Port St. Joe, FL, 32456; and the FDOT District 3 Public Information Office, 1074 Highway 90 East, Chipley, FL, 32428. The electronic FEIS can also be reviewed by clicking on the link in the yellow column on the left or by visiting FDOT's project website,

FDOT will accept comments postmarked no later than January 21, 2020.

FEIS Conclusions

The FEIS documents the changes to the project since the DEIS public hearings in May of 2014, summarizes the comparative evaluation of the viable project alternatives; presents justification for the preferred alternative; summarizes public and agency coordination, including a supplemental public hearing held March 5, 2019 at the Callaway Arts and Conference Center, 500 Callaway Park Way, Callaway, FL 32404; and presents the report's conclusions and commitments to continue coordination with the agencies as the project progresses.

Preferred Alignment: Modified Alternative Alignment 19

This map displays the Project Area of the Gulf Coast Parkway, from US 98 to US 231. By clicking on the buttons below you can display or hide the proposed alignment. You can zoom using the + and - buttons or adjusting the slider. To move the map to a different area click the direction arrows, or place the cursor on the map and hold the left mouse button down to drag the map to a new location. You can search for an address by typing that address into the search box and clicking the Search button. You can also display satellite photography by clicking the Satellite button, switch back to Street Map by clicking Map, or display both by clicking Hybrid. You may return to the project area view by clicking the Project Area button.

Please keep in mind that only one of the proposed alignments, or the No-Build option, will eventually be selected.

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Remaining Steps to Complete the PD&E Phase

The Project Development and Environment (PD&E) phase of the project's development is not yet complete. Following publication of FEIS in the Federal Register and receipt of public and agency comments, FDOT will consider all comments before preparing a Record of Decision (ROD) for the project. Once the ROD is approved, the FDOT District 3 will publish an announcement that the project has received Location and Design Concept Acceptance and is being advanced to the next phase.

Phased Design and Construction

Due to the length of the project and the availability of funding, the project will be constructed in segments. Whether an interim two-lane typical section is constructed initially and widened when traffic warrants, or the ultimate four-lane typical section is constructed, will depend on whether the segment being constructed utilizes an existing road alignment and traffic demand justifies the full four-lane. The construction segments, described in the table below and shown on the following map, are numbered from 3 to 9. The reason for this is that the construction segment number corresponds to the last number of FDOT's Financial Project Identification (FPID) number assigned to that segment for funding purposes.

Gulf Coast Parkway Design and Construction Segments

The first segment to be advanced is Segment 8, from Star Avenue along Tram Road to US 98 (Tyndall Parkway), which has right-of-way acquisition scheduled for FY2019/2020 and construction scheduled for FY 2020-2021. All remaining segments, regardless of phase, would not begin until after 2040. It should be noted that Segment 3 (from SR 30 to Gulf to Bay Highway) would likely be last to be constructed because if the completion of Gulf to Bay Highway occurs before then, Segment 3 will not be needed.

Modified Alternative 19 Construction Segments